Anti Narcotics Force PS ANF Punjab, on source info intercepted a car near Kalma chowk ferozpur road lahore & recovered 11.8kg Herion and arrested 3xindividuals, PS ANF Punjab on info apprehended1xindividual & recovered 4kg Herione

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Regional Directorate Punjab is a most essential part of Anti-Narcotics Force, PAKISTAN. It plays its role in bursting drug trafficking organizations with the help of its police stations located in different areas of region. Being linked with Afghanistan Pakistan has great role in controlling the drug trafficking.Different awareness sessions, walks, seminar,matches and many other activities organized for mass awareness is another essential task of force. ANF Punjab also helps addicts in different areas of region in providing rehabilitation facilities. Narcotic drugs are effecting our future generations and ANF Punjab has key role to play in the force to protect our region from its ill efects.

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